Friday, April 26, 2013

Using Crystals, Minerals, and stones

While I use a lot of hands on healing practices,  I also use crystals, minerals, and stones in my treatments are and with my clients.
Below are a few examples:                               

Clear quartz single terminated crystals
I use clear quartz crystals to clean and  repair auras and to clean and repair chakras.  I  teach  others  how to channel healing energy and intention into the crystal which becomes a focused energy tool.

Black kyanite
Black kyanite cannot hold negativity. If you don't have salt water to clear your crystals,  face your  kyanite towards a window and place the base of your crystal towards the base of the kyanite.   The crystal will clear in  a minute or two.

Apache Tear                                                             
I have clients hold apache tears when they are going through some kind of transition, like leaving a relationship, career change, moving to a new location.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is a great stone for removing old programming, false beliefs and assumptions. Putting a piece under a spouse's favorite chair may help to open him/her up to new ideas and clearing old patterns ;)

Chakra Stones
The following stones have been used as layouts for chakra healing. In Polarity therapy, clear crystals are used for clearing and energizing the chakras.

Red Jasper
A good stone for the root chakra to work on survival issues.

Orange Calcite
A good stone for the second chakra to work on relationship issues
A good stone to rest on the third chakra, when working with emotions related to the "will" center.

Heart Stones (Rose Quartz, Pink Rhodochrosite Sodalite,
Rose Quartz is the classic stone in chakra layouts and work on issues of self love and giving and receiving love.

Throat Stones (Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite)
Aquarmarine is the classic and low cost stone for the throat and working on speaking your truth. 
While Lapis is good for opening the third eye, it is also good for relieving anger, easing the frustration that is causing the anger. If you want to accelerate your psychic abilities Lapis is a good choice. 
While Sodalite will also work as a fifth chakra layout, it is a stone of understanding truth and walking your talk. It's also a good stone for awakening latent talents and creativity.
Third Eye Stones
Amythest is a good stone for third eye clearing and improving your intuition and inner vision. It is a stone that is associated with the Ascended master St. Germaine, because it embodies the crystal's violet flame. Another stone of spiritual healing and spiritual growth.

Crown Chakra Stones
Clear quartz is a good stone for the crown chakra, but it is also general workhorse for any chakra. 

This is just a taste of the energtic world of stones, crystals and minerals.

So what stones do you use in your practice?

What issues or aspirations would you like to work on?

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