Friday, March 22, 2013

Aura and Chakras or a large quantum entanglement?
By Erik Carlson
For those of you who have no knowledge of Aura and Chakras I'll give a quick explanation; this is subtle energy that surrounds the body. They are known as wheels in Hindu. And for those of you who can see auras, each normally open chakra looks like a vortex of energy, spiraling into the body. (Sounds like another post to explain how to see/sense these fields)

These energy centers are well written about in ancient Indian texts and they have corresponding points in traditional Chinese medicine. In Chinese energy cultivation (Qigong) and in Yoga breath work (Pranayama) we can influence the flow and volume of subtle energy that is moved through and stored in the body. Energy practices I teach other healers and holistic practitioners. And, this energy can be moved and focused with the right mind/intention.

These chakras are also effected by your physical, emotional, and spiritual states and our interactions with other people. Below is a table that reflects the first seven chakras

Table of First Seven Chakras

Number Name Location Purpose
7th Crown Top of head Your connection with Divine Sournce/Higher knowledge
6th 3rd Eye Between eyebrows Your Inner vision / Insight
5th Throat above notch where clavicles meet Your ability to speak your truth
4th Heart Center of Sternum Ability to Give/Receive Love
3rd Will top of diaphragm, just below the sternum Your will, ability to walk your path or lack of it
2nd Hara(Dan Tien) 3 finger widths (2 cun) below the navel Your relationships with others
1st Root point between the anus and genitals Your survival in this life

The Aura field is layers of subtle energy that surrounds the body and inter-connect with the chakra vortices. If Stuart Hameroff's theories on Quantum substructures within the brain is correct, then it is quite possible that our soul, what makes us a unique being, is a complex set of quantum states that lie within the brain and within other neurons that make up the entire body.

While Hameroff's focus has been only with the neural structures in the brain, I won't rule out the 500,000 neurons within the digestive system nor the miles of wiring throughout the rest of the body. Furthermore, folks who have been studying the placebo and no-cebo effects on drugs are now realizing the our emotional state also has a bearing on health and how we perceive pain and illness.  Qigong class anyone ;)

Mind, Intention and Healing
So our own unique set of Quantum states that reside within our body, are influenced by the mind. This concept also goes back to the Patanjali in India and the concepts of Qi healing in China. One of the first concepts I learned from my Tai Chi teachers was Qi follows Shen (mind/intention). Braden has a youtube video of some Chinese healers focusing on a patient with a bladder tumor. In this five minute video they were chanting and focused on the client. A real time ultrasound image showed the growth shrink and disappear. Anyone who practices Qigong, Qi healing or Reiki knows that this energy channel only moves when the practitioner's ego is still.

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