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Subtle Energy, Quantum physics and Healing

Subtle Energy, Quantum physics and Healing

Before I give you my take on the physical illusion we live in and the sentient world mesh that we interact within, I'd like to share some of my paranormal experiences that has brought me to my current concepts.

My first paranormal experiences - dreams
I first noticed my ability in prescient dreams since about age ten. My dream times have been my guide posts in setting direction in my life and I have no regrets for the decisions that I've take in the last four decades. In the process of working with subtle energy through Qigong, Pranayama,
meditation, and hands on healing work; my ability to see and sense aura and chakra fields became useable. My Shaman training with Steve Wilson and other shaman teachers, heightened that ability to perceive other subtle energies and entities that most people are unaware of. Since 2002, my life has been like the lyrics of the rock tune, "What a wild space trip it's been".

Prescient Dreams - glimpses of the future
The first intense dream that I can remember was when I was very sick with a high fever. I heard mumbling and found myself surrounded by these little two and half foot tall characters chattering away at me. I got out of bed and told my mother to get rid of the little warriors and she told me that you've broken the fever and you'll be fine now, and put me back to bed. Decades later, a dear friend and Peruvian shaman practitioner told me they were probably the winged warriors of South American healing.  I was surprised, because when she described them we had a match.

A Dream that changed my life
The most important prescient dream in my life was in August of 2001. My engineering group had been reviewing and analyzing the Hong Kong jockey club's gaming software, because they had experienced a couple of system crashes during the previous winter race season. I was going to present our findings to their development team. This was also a time when my oldest daughter had completed her sophomore year at School of Visual Art and I wanted to spend some family time together, because I knew she would leave the nest as soon as she finished college.

My supervisor came to me and said, "S.L. wants you to fly out to Hong Kong on the 25th, so you can be there and watch the race system in operation. You can fly back over the labor day weekend".  Well, I was not happy with this. I told my supervisor, "John, I won't have many opportunities to have the whole family together and Kristin will be entering her Junior year at SVA this fall.  We were planning to do some camping that weekend, see if you can negotiate with S.L. for me to fly out September, the week after labor day. I'll check with Peggy for possible flights".

Sure enough there was an early Boston flight for Hong Kong on 9/11. Later that evening I went into a prescient dream. I could hear the wind moving through a hemlock grove and I recognized the woods that was near my grandparents' home. Then I found myself flying above their house and then over the cemetery we're they were buried and then everything went black. A lone powerful voice from this void said,"Don't change this!"

The next morning, John said, "S.L. really wants you on the original dates in Hong Kong, because that Wednesday is their first race day of their winter season". I said to John, "Fine, we won't change our original schedule."  Had I changed flights, I would have been on the second plane that hit the towers.

9/11 and the dream that saved me was a pivotal time in my life. It was a time to re-access my work life, my spiritual journey, and in helping others find their way. Other prescient dreams throughout my life were much more pleasant. I foresaw my promotion to an engineering position before it happened. I knew of my brother's twins before they announced their pregnancy. I met the owner of Shakti yoga center in my dream time; a week before I interviewed with her to teach Tai Chi Chuan at her business. I met my Usui Reiki master in the dream time a week before I met her in person. And, I've made some profitable career decisions based on my dreams.

A Theory of our current reality
 My theory on our current reality is that we are living in a multidimensional framework, a continuum of energy that is infinite in size both in the very large and the very small. While some have coined the “Matrix3” as the name for this reality in recent times, I call it a Sentient, Multidimensional Continuum (SMC). Like a complicated woven fabric, every energy and particle of matter is connected to each other due to their interaction. Not unlike the quantum effects of the very small, this continuum has strange entanglements in our larger day to day living environment. The environment is effected by our emotions and conscious and subconscious intentions.

Further, it operates in multiple streams of time. In our framework of relativity, we are living in one time line on a planet that is part of a galaxy that is moving about half a million miles an hour through the Universe and at this point our scientists have no clue how fast our Universe is moving in respect to the other Universes in this grand paradigm.

However, from a metaphysical standpoint, we are not limited to the 'here and now' and living in just one location. At some point I'll have to focus on us and the other relatively unseen entities that move about in this continuum and how we can master our working with our own energy and the energy within the continuum.

The Continuum is dynamic and intelligent, that is, our thoughts can alter others' emotions and other physical beings and objects within the construct. And our projected emotional energy can reverberate in this medium like ripples in a pond, albeit a multidimensional ripple. Lastly, projected loving kindness and offering unconditional love to others raises the consciousness of the planet (a rising tide floats all boats).

This continuum also provides us a connection to the Creator, because the continuum's intelligence is one and the same.  While our physical bodies are made of elements of destroyed stars and planets. So to, we are a part of the creator's energy, the energy that pervades through us and gives us context for our everyday world. It is not tied to a concept of conventional scientific time, but we view it in the 'here and now' of our daily life. It is a matrix of energy that includes our placement on the earth, at, on top of, or within other material structures made of energy. And like the Universe, our own body is a microcosm of chemicals, cells and molecules and we are allowed to form thoughts. Now, how a thought is created is just as mysterious to modern science as is how the Universe works, but our ability to create thoughts is because we are a part of this sentient multidimensional continuum.  So, I believe there are multiple probability lines of time, that we can tap into.

Dogma shaping belief
As a hands-on-healer, I've had many different types of people on my healing table and many times my paranormal ability allows me to see other entities in the same room. A couple of  times I've worked with devoted Catholics on my table and witnessed Jesus walk into the healing. Another time one of my Hindu friends was on the table and Krishna and Ganesha walked into the healing. Another client, who was shaman practitioner, got on the table and I began to see Native American animal totems (eagle, owl) walk in on the healing work. Their own beliefs where bringing in their concept of the Divine into their healing. While our social, parental, or religious programming can change the image we have of the Divine, it is still the same sentient energy of the Universe that is watching our growth and development.

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