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Energy Objects Beyond Basic Chakras

Energy Objects Beyond Basic Chakras
By Erik Carlson
This section goes beyond the concepts on page  Auras Chakras or Quantum Entanglement and takes us to various energetic phenomena in our life illusion. The next talk will get into the chakras (eight through thirteen) and a special connection I call the void. A place of no time and all causality. But, let's talk about energy issues.

Psychic Cords, arrows, and implants
One of our issues on this planet is the energetic interaction we have with other humans, animals, and even entities from the other side. Sometimes we create a cord of energy between two or more people. In some cases it is the love and the want to be near a lover, husband, parent or child. We all have strong energetic connections with our children, especially at a young age. When children are young there is a natural dependency for survival.

But all cords are draining. Sometimes it is an unhealthy cord of dependency or manipulation through thought forms. Psychic cords can drain us of energy and our true power when other folks cord and connect to our energy field.

Psychic Arrows are lower energy forms that are thrown at us out of anger, hate, envy, or blame. The concept of the evil eye, or curses, and chronically directed anger or hate upon another is like thrusting spears and arrows into another person. Cords typically tend to be located in the lower three to four main chakras. Psychic arrows tend to be thrown into the back, neck, and shoulders.

Negative energy is very powerful and words spoken in anger create huge ripples and reflections in the continuum. As an example, one time I was stopped at a traffic light and a woman parked across the street was screaming into her phone. Her anger and hatred was so vile, that it felt like
someone was kicking me in the chest. And this energy wasn't even directed toward me. Yuck.

Sensing and releasing cords
For some, it is as easy as brushing their hand in front of their chakras to sense the presence of cords. You hand will seem heavier, like moving through molasses or a thick liquid. Some will use a method of dowsing (See chapter on Divination techniques) to locate cords. A large turkey feather is also a good tool for sensing cords in the auric field. You will notice a change in resistance as you slowly bush over a cord.

Removing cords
Cords can be broken by slicing them with a sword or crystal, but they may easily be re-attached if the auric field is not closed at these breaks. It's like pulling a plug out of power socket and not sealing the socket. This dangling cord just jumps back on, because the other end is still active..
My preferred technique in removing cords is to grasp the cord with one hand, pull the cord out and then pull the other end of the cord to detach it from the sender's end. Then set the intention that one corner of a room is a burning ground and then throw the cord into a burning ground to transform the energy. Then taking my hand(s) I envision a ball of gold light forming in my palm(s) which I then insert at the point where the cord was removed, sealing the break in the auric field.
Another technique of removing cords is to pull the cord out of the field and then polish the end of the cord with the other hand. The Qi/Prana from the palm of the hand will seal the open end of the cord. Then envision a ball of gold light forming in the palm(s) and insert the light at the point where the cord was removed, sealing the break in the auric field.

Energetic Implants are a bit different from psychic cords, arrows, or spears. Like cords they are planted by another person. However, they can be used to keep track of the recipient. A relationship implant is like a beacon or remote camera1 . This type of implant can reside near the sacral chakra. When we get into a close relationship with another, it is not uncommon for an implant to get attached with the woman in the relationship. If the relationship breaks off and the male starts thinking about the woman it is not uncommon for the beacon to go off on the woman and then the woman will start wondering what has happened to the X-relation, second-guessing or blaming herself for the breakup.
This kind of implant is created unconsciously, but it can be an energy drain on those with the implant. The intentional implant is a bit more sinister, because it is a method of trying to control another and we are all supposed to operate from a place of free will. In this case, the implant can act as a remote viewer for the person who created the implant.

There are polarity techniques2 and shamanic practices that can help remove the implants and this kind of beacon. I've removed implants of both kinds and usually the intentional implants have a karmic payback to the planter when they are removed. Just remember you reap what you sow and usually payback is ten times stronger than the original act.

Chakras 8 through 13 and our connection to the void
I've read a couple of titles that talk about chakras beyond the first seven. Most of us have enough troubles with our own inner work to manage the first seven, but meditation and inner work helps us accept and work through our fears and doubts.

Further, there is a lot of hype of the 2012 shift, and some talking about the twelve chakras relating to twelve strand DNA. Another author talking about 64 chakras and a number of authors talking about twelve or thirteen. While DNA is a building block of our physical body, recent science studies have found that DNA are controlled by still smaller molecular structures within the cells. When cells divide, they break the DNA into two strands so copies can be made from the substrands to create the new cell. Does that mean we need 24 chakras.I don't think so. I do believe that the next few chakras connect us with Divine love (sometimes called Christ consciousness), Divine truth (sometimes called Buddha consciousness, Essences of the Divine mother and a place I call the void, which we'll get to in the next page.

1The RYSE book by Nancy Risley calls them Beacons, but in the world of Shamans they can be implanted on either men or women and they can be used as a remote viewer as well as a beacon.
2Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Stone and uses techniques to clear energy blockages and re-balance the body's energy system.

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  1. Fascinating post, Erik. I'd come across some of these energy forms back when I did my Wiccan training, but I don't often hear people talking about them now.