Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's all about the energy 
By Erik Carlson

What follows is an excerpt from an upcoming book by the same title.

Today my fascination is with subtle body energy and how are intention can shift these energies to promote healing. I've always loved playing with energy. In my earlier years I loved experimenting and working with electrical energy. It didn't matter whether it was radio waves, electromagnetic, electrostatic fields, static electricity or electron beams; it has been a fascinating area to study and experiment with things we normally can't see, but can measure.
And for many years I made my living as an engineer, designing analog and digital designs and later working as a software engineer/consultant.  But today, my all consuming focus is with subtle body energy and the energies that surrounds us and cannot be easily measured. It borders on the paranormal or the Quantum world.

My first experience with a Quantum effect and intention
As a young teen, I remember my Dad taking me to an MIT open house. And for a budding scientist it was heaven. Doc Edgerton's lab had strobe light experiment displays and examples of his stop motion photography. Another lab had two signal generators and an oscilloscope that was displaying lissajous patterns, patterns of the difference of phase and frequency between the two signal sources.

But, the one science display that caught my attention was a scintillation counter. This is a device that measures the decay rate of a radioactive isotope, it was a counter that would
increment every time an electron left an atom of the isotope. And, this phenomena can be influenced by the observer of the atomic decay. Just by watching the counter and setting
my attention on the counter I could shift the rate at which the decay rate was being counted on the counter. 

Welcome to the world of Quantum physics, where an observer's intention changes the quantum field. And if it can happen in science labs, it can happen at home, or a haunted house or on the MBTA (sorry, the T story will have to wait).

My first paranormal experiences
Since my early childhood, I have experienced and continue to experience what I call lucid dreams or as they would say in the world of quantum mechanics views of alternate time lines while living in this earthly time line of current 2013 Earth. Since about age ten, I have been given glimpses of future events, some happy occurrences, some disastrous.  After 9/11 I opened myself up to more meditation and other techniques to allow myself to see other phenomena like aura and chakra fields, stuck entities, and future events without requiring me to be asleep.

As I move into my sixth decade I am happy to say this gift has been useful in keeping me alive and gainfully employed for most of my engineering career.

Subtle energy, Quantum effects and Holistic Healing
In 1993 I began my life long study of Chinese internal martial arts and Chinese energy cultivation known as Qigong. In 1996 I quite literally stumbled upon a Reiki class and found yet another way to combine intention with channeling and moving Universal Life Force Energy, known in 40 plus cultures around the world as Chi, Ki, Rauch, Fire breath, and few other names. I became a Usui Reiki master, a Lightarian Reiki master, a Shambala master, and Integrated Energy Therapy master teacher.....and on and on I studied and learned how to move, disperse, concentration and ground this subtle energy and promote healing with others and myself.

Hopefully, this letter will generate some questions and discussions. I'm sure the next letter of mine will be on techniques. Until then. May you be Happy and Well.

ps - I happen to stumble across an interesting Ted talk by Stuart Hameroff entitled, Do we have a quantum Soul? He made a comparision between Newtonian physics versus Quantum Physics and he has been studying neuron cell substructures that look very similiar to the nanotube structures that the next generation of quantum computers are protoyping.

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