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Energy Objects Beyond Basic Chakras

Energy Objects Beyond Basic Chakras
By Erik Carlson
This section goes beyond the concepts on page  Auras Chakras or Quantum Entanglement and takes us to various energetic phenomena in our life illusion. The next talk will get into the chakras (eight through thirteen) and a special connection I call the void. A place of no time and all causality. But, let's talk about energy issues.

Psychic Cords, arrows, and implants
One of our issues on this planet is the energetic interaction we have with other humans, animals, and even entities from the other side. Sometimes we create a cord of energy between two or more people. In some cases it is the love and the want to be near a lover, husband, parent or child. We all have strong energetic connections with our children, especially at a young age. When children are young there is a natural dependency for survival.

But all cords are draining. Sometimes it is an unhealthy cord of dependency or manipulation through thought forms. Psychic cords can drain us of energy and our true power when other folks cord and connect to our energy field.

Psychic Arrows are lower energy forms that are thrown at us out of anger, hate, envy, or blame. The concept of the evil eye, or curses, and chronically directed anger or hate upon another is like thrusting spears and arrows into another person. Cords typically tend to be located in the lower three to four main chakras. Psychic arrows tend to be thrown into the back, neck, and shoulders.

Negative energy is very powerful and words spoken in anger create huge ripples and reflections in the continuum. As an example, one time I was stopped at a traffic light and a woman parked across the street was screaming into her phone. Her anger and hatred was so vile, that it felt like
someone was kicking me in the chest. And this energy wasn't even directed toward me. Yuck.

Sensing and releasing cords
For some, it is as easy as brushing their hand in front of their chakras to sense the presence of cords. You hand will seem heavier, like moving through molasses or a thick liquid. Some will use a method of dowsing (See chapter on Divination techniques) to locate cords. A large turkey feather is also a good tool for sensing cords in the auric field. You will notice a change in resistance as you slowly bush over a cord.

Removing cords
Cords can be broken by slicing them with a sword or crystal, but they may easily be re-attached if the auric field is not closed at these breaks. It's like pulling a plug out of power socket and not sealing the socket. This dangling cord just jumps back on, because the other end is still active..
My preferred technique in removing cords is to grasp the cord with one hand, pull the cord out and then pull the other end of the cord to detach it from the sender's end. Then set the intention that one corner of a room is a burning ground and then throw the cord into a burning ground to transform the energy. Then taking my hand(s) I envision a ball of gold light forming in my palm(s) which I then insert at the point where the cord was removed, sealing the break in the auric field.
Another technique of removing cords is to pull the cord out of the field and then polish the end of the cord with the other hand. The Qi/Prana from the palm of the hand will seal the open end of the cord. Then envision a ball of gold light forming in the palm(s) and insert the light at the point where the cord was removed, sealing the break in the auric field.

Energetic Implants are a bit different from psychic cords, arrows, or spears. Like cords they are planted by another person. However, they can be used to keep track of the recipient. A relationship implant is like a beacon or remote camera1 . This type of implant can reside near the sacral chakra. When we get into a close relationship with another, it is not uncommon for an implant to get attached with the woman in the relationship. If the relationship breaks off and the male starts thinking about the woman it is not uncommon for the beacon to go off on the woman and then the woman will start wondering what has happened to the X-relation, second-guessing or blaming herself for the breakup.
This kind of implant is created unconsciously, but it can be an energy drain on those with the implant. The intentional implant is a bit more sinister, because it is a method of trying to control another and we are all supposed to operate from a place of free will. In this case, the implant can act as a remote viewer for the person who created the implant.

There are polarity techniques2 and shamanic practices that can help remove the implants and this kind of beacon. I've removed implants of both kinds and usually the intentional implants have a karmic payback to the planter when they are removed. Just remember you reap what you sow and usually payback is ten times stronger than the original act.

Chakras 8 through 13 and our connection to the void
I've read a couple of titles that talk about chakras beyond the first seven. Most of us have enough troubles with our own inner work to manage the first seven, but meditation and inner work helps us accept and work through our fears and doubts.

Further, there is a lot of hype of the 2012 shift, and some talking about the twelve chakras relating to twelve strand DNA. Another author talking about 64 chakras and a number of authors talking about twelve or thirteen. While DNA is a building block of our physical body, recent science studies have found that DNA are controlled by still smaller molecular structures within the cells. When cells divide, they break the DNA into two strands so copies can be made from the substrands to create the new cell. Does that mean we need 24 chakras.I don't think so. I do believe that the next few chakras connect us with Divine love (sometimes called Christ consciousness), Divine truth (sometimes called Buddha consciousness, Essences of the Divine mother and a place I call the void, which we'll get to in the next page.

1The RYSE book by Nancy Risley calls them Beacons, but in the world of Shamans they can be implanted on either men or women and they can be used as a remote viewer as well as a beacon.
2Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Stone and uses techniques to clear energy blockages and re-balance the body's energy system.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Subtle Energy, Quantum physics and Healing

Subtle Energy, Quantum physics and Healing

Before I give you my take on the physical illusion we live in and the sentient world mesh that we interact within, I'd like to share some of my paranormal experiences that has brought me to my current concepts.

My first paranormal experiences - dreams
I first noticed my ability in prescient dreams since about age ten. My dream times have been my guide posts in setting direction in my life and I have no regrets for the decisions that I've take in the last four decades. In the process of working with subtle energy through Qigong, Pranayama,
meditation, and hands on healing work; my ability to see and sense aura and chakra fields became useable. My Shaman training with Steve Wilson and other shaman teachers, heightened that ability to perceive other subtle energies and entities that most people are unaware of. Since 2002, my life has been like the lyrics of the rock tune, "What a wild space trip it's been".

Prescient Dreams - glimpses of the future
The first intense dream that I can remember was when I was very sick with a high fever. I heard mumbling and found myself surrounded by these little two and half foot tall characters chattering away at me. I got out of bed and told my mother to get rid of the little warriors and she told me that you've broken the fever and you'll be fine now, and put me back to bed. Decades later, a dear friend and Peruvian shaman practitioner told me they were probably the winged warriors of South American healing.  I was surprised, because when she described them we had a match.

A Dream that changed my life
The most important prescient dream in my life was in August of 2001. My engineering group had been reviewing and analyzing the Hong Kong jockey club's gaming software, because they had experienced a couple of system crashes during the previous winter race season. I was going to present our findings to their development team. This was also a time when my oldest daughter had completed her sophomore year at School of Visual Art and I wanted to spend some family time together, because I knew she would leave the nest as soon as she finished college.

My supervisor came to me and said, "S.L. wants you to fly out to Hong Kong on the 25th, so you can be there and watch the race system in operation. You can fly back over the labor day weekend".  Well, I was not happy with this. I told my supervisor, "John, I won't have many opportunities to have the whole family together and Kristin will be entering her Junior year at SVA this fall.  We were planning to do some camping that weekend, see if you can negotiate with S.L. for me to fly out September, the week after labor day. I'll check with Peggy for possible flights".

Sure enough there was an early Boston flight for Hong Kong on 9/11. Later that evening I went into a prescient dream. I could hear the wind moving through a hemlock grove and I recognized the woods that was near my grandparents' home. Then I found myself flying above their house and then over the cemetery we're they were buried and then everything went black. A lone powerful voice from this void said,"Don't change this!"

The next morning, John said, "S.L. really wants you on the original dates in Hong Kong, because that Wednesday is their first race day of their winter season". I said to John, "Fine, we won't change our original schedule."  Had I changed flights, I would have been on the second plane that hit the towers.

9/11 and the dream that saved me was a pivotal time in my life. It was a time to re-access my work life, my spiritual journey, and in helping others find their way. Other prescient dreams throughout my life were much more pleasant. I foresaw my promotion to an engineering position before it happened. I knew of my brother's twins before they announced their pregnancy. I met the owner of Shakti yoga center in my dream time; a week before I interviewed with her to teach Tai Chi Chuan at her business. I met my Usui Reiki master in the dream time a week before I met her in person. And, I've made some profitable career decisions based on my dreams.

A Theory of our current reality
 My theory on our current reality is that we are living in a multidimensional framework, a continuum of energy that is infinite in size both in the very large and the very small. While some have coined the “Matrix3” as the name for this reality in recent times, I call it a Sentient, Multidimensional Continuum (SMC). Like a complicated woven fabric, every energy and particle of matter is connected to each other due to their interaction. Not unlike the quantum effects of the very small, this continuum has strange entanglements in our larger day to day living environment. The environment is effected by our emotions and conscious and subconscious intentions.

Further, it operates in multiple streams of time. In our framework of relativity, we are living in one time line on a planet that is part of a galaxy that is moving about half a million miles an hour through the Universe and at this point our scientists have no clue how fast our Universe is moving in respect to the other Universes in this grand paradigm.

However, from a metaphysical standpoint, we are not limited to the 'here and now' and living in just one location. At some point I'll have to focus on us and the other relatively unseen entities that move about in this continuum and how we can master our working with our own energy and the energy within the continuum.

The Continuum is dynamic and intelligent, that is, our thoughts can alter others' emotions and other physical beings and objects within the construct. And our projected emotional energy can reverberate in this medium like ripples in a pond, albeit a multidimensional ripple. Lastly, projected loving kindness and offering unconditional love to others raises the consciousness of the planet (a rising tide floats all boats).

This continuum also provides us a connection to the Creator, because the continuum's intelligence is one and the same.  While our physical bodies are made of elements of destroyed stars and planets. So to, we are a part of the creator's energy, the energy that pervades through us and gives us context for our everyday world. It is not tied to a concept of conventional scientific time, but we view it in the 'here and now' of our daily life. It is a matrix of energy that includes our placement on the earth, at, on top of, or within other material structures made of energy. And like the Universe, our own body is a microcosm of chemicals, cells and molecules and we are allowed to form thoughts. Now, how a thought is created is just as mysterious to modern science as is how the Universe works, but our ability to create thoughts is because we are a part of this sentient multidimensional continuum.  So, I believe there are multiple probability lines of time, that we can tap into.

Dogma shaping belief
As a hands-on-healer, I've had many different types of people on my healing table and many times my paranormal ability allows me to see other entities in the same room. A couple of  times I've worked with devoted Catholics on my table and witnessed Jesus walk into the healing. Another time one of my Hindu friends was on the table and Krishna and Ganesha walked into the healing. Another client, who was shaman practitioner, got on the table and I began to see Native American animal totems (eagle, owl) walk in on the healing work. Their own beliefs where bringing in their concept of the Divine into their healing. While our social, parental, or religious programming can change the image we have of the Divine, it is still the same sentient energy of the Universe that is watching our growth and development.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Aura and Chakras or a large quantum entanglement?
By Erik Carlson
For those of you who have no knowledge of Aura and Chakras I'll give a quick explanation; this is subtle energy that surrounds the body. They are known as wheels in Hindu. And for those of you who can see auras, each normally open chakra looks like a vortex of energy, spiraling into the body. (Sounds like another post to explain how to see/sense these fields)

These energy centers are well written about in ancient Indian texts and they have corresponding points in traditional Chinese medicine. In Chinese energy cultivation (Qigong) and in Yoga breath work (Pranayama) we can influence the flow and volume of subtle energy that is moved through and stored in the body. Energy practices I teach other healers and holistic practitioners. And, this energy can be moved and focused with the right mind/intention.

These chakras are also effected by your physical, emotional, and spiritual states and our interactions with other people. Below is a table that reflects the first seven chakras

Table of First Seven Chakras

Number Name Location Purpose
7th Crown Top of head Your connection with Divine Sournce/Higher knowledge
6th 3rd Eye Between eyebrows Your Inner vision / Insight
5th Throat above notch where clavicles meet Your ability to speak your truth
4th Heart Center of Sternum Ability to Give/Receive Love
3rd Will top of diaphragm, just below the sternum Your will, ability to walk your path or lack of it
2nd Hara(Dan Tien) 3 finger widths (2 cun) below the navel Your relationships with others
1st Root point between the anus and genitals Your survival in this life

The Aura field is layers of subtle energy that surrounds the body and inter-connect with the chakra vortices. If Stuart Hameroff's theories on Quantum substructures within the brain is correct, then it is quite possible that our soul, what makes us a unique being, is a complex set of quantum states that lie within the brain and within other neurons that make up the entire body.

While Hameroff's focus has been only with the neural structures in the brain, I won't rule out the 500,000 neurons within the digestive system nor the miles of wiring throughout the rest of the body. Furthermore, folks who have been studying the placebo and no-cebo effects on drugs are now realizing the our emotional state also has a bearing on health and how we perceive pain and illness.  Qigong class anyone ;)

Mind, Intention and Healing
So our own unique set of Quantum states that reside within our body, are influenced by the mind. This concept also goes back to the Patanjali in India and the concepts of Qi healing in China. One of the first concepts I learned from my Tai Chi teachers was Qi follows Shen (mind/intention). Braden has a youtube video of some Chinese healers focusing on a patient with a bladder tumor. In this five minute video they were chanting and focused on the client. A real time ultrasound image showed the growth shrink and disappear. Anyone who practices Qigong, Qi healing or Reiki knows that this energy channel only moves when the practitioner's ego is still.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's all about the energy 
By Erik Carlson

What follows is an excerpt from an upcoming book by the same title.

Today my fascination is with subtle body energy and how are intention can shift these energies to promote healing. I've always loved playing with energy. In my earlier years I loved experimenting and working with electrical energy. It didn't matter whether it was radio waves, electromagnetic, electrostatic fields, static electricity or electron beams; it has been a fascinating area to study and experiment with things we normally can't see, but can measure.
And for many years I made my living as an engineer, designing analog and digital designs and later working as a software engineer/consultant.  But today, my all consuming focus is with subtle body energy and the energies that surrounds us and cannot be easily measured. It borders on the paranormal or the Quantum world.

My first experience with a Quantum effect and intention
As a young teen, I remember my Dad taking me to an MIT open house. And for a budding scientist it was heaven. Doc Edgerton's lab had strobe light experiment displays and examples of his stop motion photography. Another lab had two signal generators and an oscilloscope that was displaying lissajous patterns, patterns of the difference of phase and frequency between the two signal sources.

But, the one science display that caught my attention was a scintillation counter. This is a device that measures the decay rate of a radioactive isotope, it was a counter that would
increment every time an electron left an atom of the isotope. And, this phenomena can be influenced by the observer of the atomic decay. Just by watching the counter and setting
my attention on the counter I could shift the rate at which the decay rate was being counted on the counter. 

Welcome to the world of Quantum physics, where an observer's intention changes the quantum field. And if it can happen in science labs, it can happen at home, or a haunted house or on the MBTA (sorry, the T story will have to wait).

My first paranormal experiences
Since my early childhood, I have experienced and continue to experience what I call lucid dreams or as they would say in the world of quantum mechanics views of alternate time lines while living in this earthly time line of current 2013 Earth. Since about age ten, I have been given glimpses of future events, some happy occurrences, some disastrous.  After 9/11 I opened myself up to more meditation and other techniques to allow myself to see other phenomena like aura and chakra fields, stuck entities, and future events without requiring me to be asleep.

As I move into my sixth decade I am happy to say this gift has been useful in keeping me alive and gainfully employed for most of my engineering career.

Subtle energy, Quantum effects and Holistic Healing
In 1993 I began my life long study of Chinese internal martial arts and Chinese energy cultivation known as Qigong. In 1996 I quite literally stumbled upon a Reiki class and found yet another way to combine intention with channeling and moving Universal Life Force Energy, known in 40 plus cultures around the world as Chi, Ki, Rauch, Fire breath, and few other names. I became a Usui Reiki master, a Lightarian Reiki master, a Shambala master, and Integrated Energy Therapy master teacher.....and on and on I studied and learned how to move, disperse, concentration and ground this subtle energy and promote healing with others and myself.

Hopefully, this letter will generate some questions and discussions. I'm sure the next letter of mine will be on techniques. Until then. May you be Happy and Well.

ps - I happen to stumble across an interesting Ted talk by Stuart Hameroff entitled, Do we have a quantum Soul? He made a comparision between Newtonian physics versus Quantum Physics and he has been studying neuron cell substructures that look very similiar to the nanotube structures that the next generation of quantum computers are protoyping.

Welcome to Holistic Healing and Holistic Tools

Welcome to Holistic Healing and Holistic Tools
This blog has been created to discuss various healing modalities, techniques, and issues related to healing the healer and to create community and network with other healers and holistic practitioners.

I want to help create a network of remarkable healers and teachers and a blog that inspires, innovates, and helps folks find useful resources and solutions.

If there is a topic or question to be raised about a modality of subtle energy or a healing question, this is the place to talk about it. If you'd like to be a guest blogger you can contact me on my
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I'll try to add an article a month to give food for thought and further the conversation.

May you be happy and well,