Advanced Subtle Energy Workshop One

Advanced Subtle Energy Workshop One
Strengthening your energy system with Qigong  March 28th 2015
With No Prior experience required, Enter the world of Qigong (internal energy cultivation)
In this 8 hour intensive
You will learn:
  • Warm up exercises – that open the spine and major joints of the body for moving energy (this will become your go to daily routine to get ready for Qigong practice or Qi work with your clients)
  • Learning and sensing the difference between Yin Qi and Yang Qi
  • What is Microcosmic orbit breath work – an explanation of how Qi flows through the body and why it's important to your inner health
  • Thread of breath and reverse breathing – this is the key to powerful Qi flow and the first steps to higher health and helping others
  • 2 forms of grounding yourself – this technique allows you to ground excess energy whether it is your own or some other entity
  • Mircocosmic breath work and heng-ha sound reinforcement – this is the core energy work for advanced qigong practice
  • Qigong outer meridian circulation exercise – this teaches how to move energy through each major meridian in the body (TCM)
  • Using Qigong to create mindfulness (a quiet state of being with less drama and smaller emotional swings)

Cost $95

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