Advanced Subtle Energy Workshop Two

Advanced Subtle Energy Workshop Two  April 4th 2015 9AM - 3PM
Reading Subtle energy and Healing Tools
Prerequisite is completion of Workshop One
You will learn How to:
  • Read the subtle energy points of your client's hand – an easy to learn diagnostic tool to know what is going on with your client
  • Work from a Protected space – no matter what your holistic healing modality is; this is a way to protect you and your client during healing sessions from external influences (shamans/other energetic people, entities, stuck spirits and other energetic adept people)
  • Expand and control the projection of energy between your hands – the preparatory work to become a Qi healer
  • Project Yin Qi or Yang Qi with your hands on clients (for Reiki, Shambala, IET, and/or Shaman Reiki practitioners)
  • Project light energy to clear aura, chakra filters and repairing tears in your client's subtle energy system
  • Use Qi healing mudras and sensing stuck, depleted, or exaggerated energy – this is core work to understand how to heal with Qi energy and using ancient Qi healing hand techniques and mudras
    • Yin mudra & Yin sweeping
    • Yang mudra (sacred sword)
    • Hand motions spiraling hands, shaky palm, single whip drawing energy hand
    • Supressing (releasing energy) from a point / meridian
    • Reinforcing (building energy) into a point / meridian
Cost $95

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