About Me

About Me
Erik Carlson's passion is being a facilitator in helping and healing others and in teaching healing arts and bodywork. He is licensed massage therapist, hands on healer, medical intuitive, an Acutonics(R) sound therapist and a teacher of traditional Yang style Tai Chi and Qigong.

Erik has one foot planted in Western Science and one foot planted in Holistic and Spiritual practices. "We live in exciting times and in a world that is undergoing a new revolution of social, economic, scientific and spiritual changes and innovation, it is a fun and rewarding time to be alive."

What is Holistic Healing and Holistic Tools
This blog is dedicated to holistic students, clients and other holistic practitioners. A place to find pointers to other holistic sources, discuss  research and insights into subtle energy work and where science and our holistic practices are starting to find common ground. It's a world where mind and intention and energy can manifest physical and emotional changes.

Why Listen to Me?
Simple,  I spent thirty years in engineering and in 1993 found a new passion in Asian cultures and Asian healing practices.  I've kept an open mind to Western science and medicine having trouble measuring holistic practices, that I and others found effective. In earlier years, Western medicine was treating symptoms rather than looking at the whole person. When it comes to medial trauma, I'm the first one to rush to a Western medical facility, but our long term health issues are more about how we live (our level of exercise, how we cope with stress), our diet, and our environment.
Today, modern science is more open to Quantum effects, placebo (and no-cebo) effects with drugs and treatment systems. Many hospitals invite Reiki, meditation, massage and other alternative health practices into the traditional health setting, because people are benefiting from them.

In 2008 I became a licensed massage therapist. With this practice I began building case studies in applying holistic practices with traditional massage work, such as hands-on healing techniques, meditation, self cultivation energy systems (pranayama and various Qigong systems), Chinese Traditional Medicine and Qi healing techniques, Sound Healing systems, Polarity, and Shamanic healing techniques). Finally, in the last few years, I'm finding new and innovative ways to promote healing and balance in others. I believe it's time for me to pass on my tools, techniques, and innovations to others.

My Blog Objectives are to:
  • provide pages on subtle energy concepts, healing techniques, and tools
  • offer connections to other teachers and healers to discuss our comparisons and our differences and get the gifted unknowns a voice
  • offer a forum from beginner's to advanced healers who can get answers, grow, contribute and help to become the new master healers
Contact Information
Email me at ErikCarlson777@gmail.com  please put "Holistic Blog" in subject heading 

Alison and me offer various massage therapies, energy work, EFT, and AIS stretching at
A Time to Heal in Chelmsford, MA   Click this link to see our latest classes and services.

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