Entities in the Continuum

When I first started on this quest for more knowledge of hands on healing, Chinese energy work, and Universal Life Force Energy; little did I know about the other entities in this sentient energy continuum we live in. I had no beliefs in Angels, ghosts, spirit guides or alien beings. Well, sooner or later you run into energies in the continuum that you can sense, are sentient and you can't explain their presence.

For me, Usui Reiki was a snap, quiet the ego, open the energy channel and move energy on to your client. I even integrated a Qigong breath practice with my channeling and found that I could send Yin energy, Yang energy or a combination of the two along with the channeled healing.. I now offer this practice as part of a workshop series 1

But, one day I went to work on a person who had recently done a paranormal investigation at an old Victorian home in New Hampshire. She suddenly took ill after her investigation. I went to work, opened myself to channeling energy and when I put my hand on her wrist I felt this heavy dark energy creeping up my arm. Well, I didn't care to have that in my energy system, So, I pulled in a lot of high vibrational energy, created a protective shell around myself and this dark stuff backed off, but I still had to get it away from the client. I used a Qi Healing technique I had read about to grab this dark energy and pull it out of my client. It was like pulling taffy and took several passes to collect all this dark stuff and ground it to the earth. This was my first encounter with an non-human entity.

My hands-on-healing work took on entirely new levels when I took a workshop series with my 'angel lady' friend Elizabeth Foley. These workshops opened up our intuitive abilities, talked about our life archetype we are living in this life time and what we need to overcome to reach our fullest potential. But my first class with Elizabeth was a workshop she called 'Angels 101'. I was very skeptical about the whole concept of angels at this point. The class was held at a local Yoga Center where I taught my first tai chi and Qigong classes, so I sat in. After my 9/11 experience, I knew that there was some sentient help out there that saved me from that fateful day...I was told loud and clear not to alter my flight plans, had I gotten my new itinerary I would have  been on the second plane.2

I began requesting help from the angels for certain clients and soon began to feel the presence of other high vibrational entities in the treatment room. I had one pilates instructor for a client in these early years and called in a few archangels and her guides and her only remark. "it sure is getting crowded in here. Other anecdotal response from clients is feeling two or three sets of hands during a healing and I'm the only practitioner.

As the years went on I began my study of shamanic work and meditation with teachers who were Shamans. This work and mindful meditation and advanced Qigong work opened my clairsentient, clairaudient, and clear knowing senses to see more of what was going on in the treatment room.

I'm still working with Steve Wilson who also runs Spirit Light Network, a group that does paranormal investigations with a twist, the cross over any stuck souls they meet.. Some learnings from Steve include:
  • Stuck quantum entanglements (souls)
  • Emotional reflections and time loops
  • Encounters with higher beings
 The big difference with Steve's paranormal investigation group over scientific investigators, is that Steve's group tries to cross over the stuck souls. You can read more about his team's exploits at :Spirit Light Network   Also Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford have also published "The Reluctant Empath", which is a good read for those who get overwhelmed with empathic overload.

1 Since I have spent years studying various holistic energy practices, Qigong, and sound therapy systems; I figured it was time to teach an integration of these tools to other holistic practitioners. Click here to read about my new classes and workshops.

2 During the late nineties and up through 2005, I worked as an Software Engineering consultant and found myself flying regularly on customer engagements. In early August 2001 my manager had scheduled me to give a presentation in Hongkong and return on Labor Day. I attempted to change the trip dates to fly out of Boston on 9/11. Thankfully a loud resounding inner voice told me to not change the original plans.

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